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While soldering might not be every hobbyist's favorite task, we have developed this Spektrum Soldering Jig to make your life easier. This jig features an adjustable and movable alligator clip to hold wire exactly where you want it. Both male and female ends of IC2, IC3, and IC5 connectors are embedded in this jig, so simply plug your connector in, and solder away. Plugging your connector into the opposing style connector keeps your connectors from warping due to heat or moving allowing you to solder with unmatched precision. As a bonus, this also holds 2.0mm to 7.0mm bullets for easier soldering.


Product Height

1.76" (45 mm)

Product Length

5.9" (150 mm)

Product Width

3.95" (100 mm)

Tool Type

Soldering Accessories

Spektrum SPMX-1009 Soldering Jig

SKU: SPMX-1009
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