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RPM ARRMA Kraton/Durango DEX8T Rear A-Arms Mud Guards work exclusively with RPM81402 A-arms (for the ARRMA Kraton, Talion & Outcast as well as the Durango DEX8T). These help prevent dirt and mud build-up in your rear suspension and driveline components. By keeping the debris kicked up by your front wheels off of the rear shocks, turnbuckles and driveshafts, your suspension and driveline components will last longer and run much smoother between cleanings.

RPM Mud Guards are extremely light (weighing in at only 8.5g. each) sold in pairs and molded in RPM's engineering blend of incredibly strong nylons for a lifetime of protection you can trust.

NOTE: These RPM Mud Guards must be used with the RPM A-Arms (RPM81402). They are not compatible with the stock, or any other aftermarket A-arms.

RPM RPM81412 ARRMA Kraton 6S /Durango DEX8T Rear A-Arms Mud Guards

SKU: RPM81412
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