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This is an optional RPM Front Bumper Mount, and is intended for use with the Traxxas Revo family of trucks. This is a direct replacement for the mount included with Traxxas part TRA5335. RPM customers already know that RPM bumpers are some of the toughest in the R/C industry. But a tough bumper needs proper support and these bumper mounts are designed to absorb serious impacts while transferring minimal impact energy into the more fragile components of the truck. This bumper mount has been widened to allow the bumper mount material more flexing room. The center connecting rib has been curved to allow the bulkhead mounting points the ability to rotate at the mounting screws, allowing more impact absorption and less energy transfer. The last major design improvement over the stock parts is RPM's custom-blended nylon.

RPM 80802 Front Bumper Mount (Black) E-Revo and Revo 3.3

SKU: RPM80802
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