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This is a Arrma Bodypost Protection Set for use with the Arrma Kraton and Outcast 4S BLX 4x4 kits. This bodypost protection set provides wear protection to your body posts.



  • Precision molded composite body protector sits on the body surface, the protector nut sits on the underside. 
  • These parts are screwed together with the supplied M4 screws
  • Prevents wear to the bodyposts from upside-down sliding on hard surfaces
  • Supplied in a set of 8


  • (8) Bodypost Protector
  • (8) Bodypost Protector Nut
  • (8)  M4x10mm Double Socket Button Head Screw

ARRMA ARA480017 4S KRATON/OUTCAST BLX Bodypost Protection Set (8) HH

SKU: ARA480017
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